How to auto refresh a repeating group with contents from an external DB

Good day. Please how can I auto refresh data coming from an external MySQL DB say every 2 secs without refreshing page?


  • Create a workflow that runs every 2 seconds
  • In the workflow, call your SQL DB query using the SQL Database Connector to retrieve the data
  • Display list in your Repeating Group with source being the result of the SQL DB query.
  • In your SQL DB Query, add a parameter of type string. Call it something like RefreshTrigger. In the workflow, pass the Current date/time, extract, Unix Timestamp. This gets Bubble to execute the DB query call as it thinks something has changed.
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Hi Joey. Thanks for the feedback. Let me take a look at this and I’ll let you know how it goes

Hello, is this SQL trick still works? as custom parameter in sql connector for some reason prevents me from loading initial query, data therefore making the list empty :neutral_face: