Automatically refreshing repeating group when using external API at datasource?

Hi there! Bubble beginner here.

I have a few repeating groups that use external APIs (Xano) as their data source - however, when a user updates an item in that repeating group (for example, they delete an item), the list remains static and does not update while the data has changed (the deleted item would still be there). Is there a way to automate this RG refreshing process that does not involve adding a workflow action (“Display list in repeating group”) that just makes the same call each time the data is modified? There are quite a few areas where users can interact with the list items and it is becoming very cumbersome to make a workflow for each action.

Thank you!

Hi @harvest01
This post can help

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Thanks for the link! Do you think there is any way to implement this at scale and in an automated way? It looks like this user was coming up with a way to refresh the lists manually through a button click rather than automatically.

Sorry i don’t know
I am still figuring out
maybe other experts can help @mikeloc @adamhholmes

No idea on how to do that. I’am looking for an good option to do it.

As today i do this, but i need to find a better way (regarding performance).

For each new push to xano i need to create a thing to mention an update on the list before pushing the data to xano. And then add this thing as a variable in the header call of the API.
This way the API refresh data on each clients as soon as the parameter is update. It’s working but a nightmare to maintain & it implies writing something in bubble for each change…

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