How to automatically fill an input field depending on the value of another input

I have an input field where the user will enter the company’s tax record number. When the user types, I would like my Search box field (which contains the company name) to be automatically populated with the company name that matches the tax registration number.

I could replace the search box with an input field, in case it’s not possible to do that with search box. In the search box, when the user selects the company name, the input field automatically fills in the CNPJ field. I would like to achieve this same behavior in reverse. I appreciate the help!

I guess you could try setting up a state to identify the company by the tax record, then on the search box, change the default value to that state.

But how can I put it in the custom state that is part of the tax record? Because my tax registration number comes from my customer database. Inside it there is the customer’s name, tax record, phone number… I couldn’t solve it this way

One second, I’m preparing an example for you.

I really appreciate it! :hugs:

Here you go:

example 1

No state was needed to accomplish this. Make sure you hit “enter” after typing tax number

On the search box make sure you “Define list of options” and search for Customers, or whichever type has the fields you’re looking for.

thank you so much for making an example! but unfortunately that would not be the objective. When the user types the tax record number in an input, I would like it to automatically pull in my search box the name of the customer that contains this already registered tax record.

Help me understand how this doesn’t work for you just as you described?


I did it the way you did and I typed the tax registration number that already exists and even so, the partner’s name does not appear automatically in the search box

Did you press enter upon completion of entering tax id?

yes i did it

Let me play with it to see if it’s better to change automatically without the need for enter. This one’s trickier.

ok! no problem! I really appreciate it

It works on my end. Are you sure you don’t have conditionals on the search box that null out the results?

let me see it

Give me your email, I’ll send the video. Can’t post video on this forum.

I don’t have conditions that would make it the null out the result

my bubble email?