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Autopopulate Input from another search field that matches record

Is there a way to auto populate an input field y searching another.
I want my staff to be able to search for a staff members (saved in datatype User Profile) by their name and when they select the name the email address to be automatically populated in another input field? If there is a way could you please give me detailed instruction.

Many thanks in advance

You just need the initial content of the input to be the Searchbox value’s Email.

The editor:

Thank you so much for your fast reply but that didn’t work for me because for some crazy reason i can’t link the user data type and therefore it is not allowing to pick a field out of it. It worked for all the other things though :slight_smile:

I’ve created a User Profile data type to get other fields working and linked in the User data type but its not showing as a search column.

No clue why this is happening, i even removed all privacy setting and created new one think that may be it but with no luck.

If you can assist with this hurdle your help will much much appreciated.

You have to use your Data Types.

If you want to search inside the User Profile data type, just use that in the searchbox. Inside that data type you have the First Name or Last Name fields to search for and the Email field to assign to the input.

Hi again and thanks for reply.
I am not sure what do you mean by “Email field to assign to the input” would you mind showing me a bit more in detail.

From my sign up page the User Profile data type is populated (creates a thing for Last Name, First Name, DOB, ect) however from the sign up page the user’s email address is recorded in the User Data Type. Even though i have linked the User data type to the User Profile data type the email address does not get populated in the User Profile Data Type and therefore this field remains empty and i can’t pull any info to match to the First Name when i search.

I can’t pull any info from the User data type on forms or another data type.

Once again your help is much appreciated.

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