How to avoid duplicates

So I’m migrating my old database into my new bubble database. But so many rows are duplicated. Is there a function or a plugin or something in bubble that helps me not to insert duplicated rows?

I’m migrating using csv files, I really need to do this in bubble, modifiying the csv is not going to work.

Why wouldn’t doing it in the CSV work?
Excel’s “Remove Duplicates” function is a great tool, it works fast. and you can define a duplicate as one or multiple columns (something like a composite key)

If this is done only once, the best choice is to use Excel to remove duplicate data.

But if you want to use csv files in the application itself, I made a plugin that accepts all types of csv files and has many features that can be helpful.

CSV Data Manipulation Plugin | Bubble

If you want, I can revoke for your app for free so you don’t need to buy it.