Copy live data into dev database with duplicates

I know we can copy live data into dev database and vice versa. But when a field contains duplicates the system is removing one of them when we copy. I know Bubble doesn’t allow duplicates to be entered unless done manually so I assumed copying the database over would be an exception. Is this a bug or should we be exporting and re-uploading?

@eve @Bubble any suggestions? Since we work with stock market data, we often have duplicate prices so this will make it hard to keep our system updated. In addition to the above (copying database) adding new stock data becomes an issue when it’s a duplicate number. We have to add manually or csv upload each time to ensure all the data is entered.

Copying data from one version to another fully overwrites the existing version. If you’re looking to supplement rather than supplant your data, you do need to use the export/import functionality for this.

Yes we’re wanting to completely overwrite but it drops duplicates when we do.

Thanks for checking in; would you mind submitting a bug report so that our team can take a look at this?

Will do. Thanks!