Plugin opportunity: Getting around Bubble's .csv row import limit...or at least making it more user-friendly


Below describes the user scenario, current solution, and plugin question.

User Scenario:

  • App uploads app user data from another system daily.

  • Other system exports data in multiple files, with varying numbers of rows each, in .xls format…

  • So each of these files must be saved as .csv files. Then there’s the issue with the 1,000 separator (comma) in the number fields that can’t be turned off automatically. (at least if so, I don’t know how.) So each file must be monitored for that issue and those fields’ format changed to remove the commas. Miss a comma and Houston we have a problem!

  • However…Bubble has the 100 row import limit (You can get away with slightly more). Some of these files have more rows than that limit so they must be broken into as many separate files as necessary to remain under that limit.

  • Then after importing all the .xls and .csv files they must be deleted to not be mixed with the next batch.

Quite cumbersome, slow, and error-prone.

Repetitive tasks like that drive me crazy so I went back to my trusty, but not web-based, MS Access.

Current Solution:
So here’s the new process…Works perfectly…

  • Each .xls file is downloaded from the app user’s system.

  • From MS Access a button is clicked that does the following:

  • Imports all the data from each .xls file just downloaded. 1,000 separators are no longer an issue since that can be “formatted-out” in the table the data imports into.

  • Deletes all the .xls files.

  • Exports the .csv data into only the number of files needed to accomplish the app uploads with under the ~100+ row limit. So for example, what might have started out as 15 .xls files that needed to be converted to .csv files, and each uploaded into the app, the user now has only one, two, or three files depending on the row count.

  • The .csv files that remain after upload into the app are deleted at the start of the next batch of .csv exports.

  • The MS Access process takes literally only 4 to 5 seconds to complete.

Here’s the question… Can a plugin be created to accomplish the functions of the above MS Access process so that it can be done from the app? This of course would not be a free plugin.


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