How to avoid that input validation blocks workflows that do not use the input field

Hi everyone,

I’m struggling with the following issue:

  • I have an input field that should not be empty so I checked the “this input should not be empty” option
  • If I click the button below the input I want to trigger 2 workflows:
  1. Save data from the input field
  2. Show alert message (the input field is NOT used at all in this workflow)

However, if the input field is left empty then the input validation blocks BOTH workflows… I want it to block only the workflow that saves data from the input field.

Here a short video to illustrate this issue. I previously submitted the video as Bug Report (but I didn’t get an answer yet):

Any tips would be really appreciate, thank you!

You can create a condition in the button like “ if the input is not empty”… in that case if the input is empty, it will not trigger the workflow… do the same to the error message

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