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Avoid workflow run if any error of input validation happen

I’m trying to improve the create account process to show the errors of input valition to the user.

To show the right message I created an alert and when the user click on button create I check all input fields and show a message according the error. For example: if the input name is empty, so the alert show a message “Please, fill out the name”, if the email field isn’t valid, show the alert “Please type a correct email address” and etc.

I’ve made that using “Conditionals” in alert object. The trigger is click on “Create account” button. The problem is I cannot put the rest of the process to create account in the same workflow even in a different one, because the validation message is not displayed if I did do it.

How can I move or execute the other workflow just if there is any error of field validation? Or just run the create account real process if there is no error in the same workflow?

Thanks in advance!

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