Mandatory, "this input should not be empty", Input fields are not highlighted when empty


I am using a template for a page that has Text fields, Inputs fields, a checkbox, and a button. For the Inputs fields, I have set their parameters to include “this input should not be empty.” When users click on the button, the workflow is triggered only if the checkbox must also be “checked” and the Inputs fields are not empty; if the Inputs fields are empty, the page highlights Input fields that are empty which is expected, great. Unfortunately, when I created more Input fields, these new fields are not highlighted when empty, but if I click on the new fields (and hit the tab key or enter a value/remove values), they are highlighted. The aforementioned behavior is telling me the “this input should not be empty” parameter is set correctly but the page isn’t recognizing the setting until a event occurs like pressing tabs through the Input fields; or the behavior is like the parent group has a List of Input fields that doesn’t include my newly created fields.

Please advise

Thank you.

Well, I got a “hokey hack” that works. Thanks.

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