How to be sure if a search result is really 0?

Hello !

I am searching some events in my database and a conditional display of a block is “When events is 0”.

But Bubble seems to put 0 before ending the search and give a result ! So my block is displaying first (event is 0) and disappeared after the search is finished and the results are not 0 !

Any idea to be sure of the condition “no results” even if the search is not finished ?

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I usually just have it hidden by default, then when search is more than 0, show it.

That prevents the flashing of elements.

Thanks, but I want to show it if it’s 0 ! Like a box “No result, sorry !”

Any idea ?

Yeah, have the group not show on page load. Then if search is 0, make it visible.

Yes, this is what I do now, but it show the group before calculating the result. It seems like “empty results” (loading time) is equal 0 ! That’s my problem…

Not sure if this will work, try display a hidden but visible repeating group that does the search then on the element you want to show when 0 reference the hidden rg: is loading no

Thank you @Taiheta it seems to work !

I post the configuration for my conditional displayed element :slight_smile:

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