How to 'Bring to front' the Profile group from Header

Hello - I’m running into an issue displaying the “group user profile” when its clicked (reveals options to Sign up, Login, etc).
To make space for that group I had to expand the height of the header. That causes problems on my home page because now the Header covers up some of my home page filter options so I moved Header to back – but now the Sign Up Login is covered by any element on the right of page. If I bring Header to front it covers up all of my product filters.
I think having the Header as a reusable element is limiting my options here?

Home page with Header set behind the group containing product filters.

Hello! Generally, if you want this type of interface placed within a reusable header, you should use a “Group Focus” element for the dropdown menu. Group Focus elements do not occupy vertical space in a reusable element, so you will be able to place it and have it extend only when it is visible without effecting the overall height of your reusable.

If a group focus element isn’t suitable here, then you are correct that perhaps going with a non-reusable version might be best for your use case.

I hope this helps!

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Sam - that nailed it! I obviously skipped past the Group Focus section of my learning :slight_smile:

@sam.morgan Follow up question:
I got the Group Focus element setup, but it’s not disappearing after I leave or even click elsewhere.

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