Hidden group in a header

I am having issues with how best to manage a hidden group of buttons in a header.

The top of one of the pages of my app looks like this with a header, and some buttons (which work similar to a tabbed element)

When a user hovers over their name or image a hidden group shows just how I want it it to show


But in this configuration none of the buttons now work .

On other pages the header groups goes behind the button so the button works but not the options in the group


I guess I am doing something wrong with what I bring to front or send to back. How do I know where each element is sitting in relation to each other when it comes to what is on top or behind?

But this is not the whole answer as neither option really works in these scenarios as either set of buttons does not work

So where have a gone wrong or what am I missing?. What is the best way to set up this type of group for users to see this data that is specific to them? Just moving the tabbed element or buttons down the page seems like it would work but then I would have a huge gap at the top of the page

Hi @motorhome,

You could try using a focus group. Here’s an example: run-mode / editor (header) / editor (page)

Does this fit your use case?

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You’re thinking in the right direction of using the bring to front and send to back conditions. Just be mindful of if the object exists inside of another object, it is constrained by the parent. (Ie. if the row of buttons and the header are different elements, you need to ensure the header is in the foreground.

As well, @david2’s recommendation to use a group focus is a great way to mitigate the issue.

Bubble has a handy utility for converting one type of element into another. See video below.

Thanks so much @dan1 and @david2. I really appreciate your help. I will try this in the next few days when I next have a chance to get back to it


Wow @dan1 and @david2 you really saved the day - works great. And I did not know you could replace one element with another so two things learned tonight. I really appreciate your help

Glad it worked. Happy to help :slight_smile: