How to build a cash-on-delivery checkout system?

I’ve seen tutorials with stripe checkout but not with COD. I’m not sure how I can convert a current user’s list of orders into a new data type for confirmed orders. Should I even have a new data type for processed orders?

The data types I have are Orders and Users. Users thus have a field for a list of Orders.
How can I do a workflow that converts “current user’s list of orders” into current users list of processed orders" with a new data type called “processed orders” containing product details + user details e.g name, shipping address etc…

Any guidance on this topic or link to relevant materials would be much appreciated!

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No need for a new data type, just store all the info in the Order data type.

You could have a ‘Status’ field on the Order data type, create an option set for this: ‘Unconfirmed’, ‘Confirmed’, etc.

When the order changes status, you change the Status field to the new status.

You don’t need to convert anything, you can filter the User's list of Orders by status whenever you want, for example: Status = Confirmed.

Hi @jmalmeida!
Thanks for the quick reply! That does sound like a better idea :+1:

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Hey @jmalmeida,

I can’t seem to figure out how to set a workflow that can change the Order Status of multiple orders in a repeating group with a singular click. (giỏ hàng = orders) I can only seem to change the status of one at at time.

Here’s the basic format for it with the red button being the button that should change the Order Status of all the items in the repeating group.

Any pointers on how it could be done? Many thanks for the help and for your time!

You’re using Make changes to thing... when you should be using Make changes to a list of things...



Oh that was embarrasing :sweat_smile: Thanks again for the help @jmalmeida!