App pricing and structure resources

So, I’m almost there with my app, been so much fun learning Bubble.
I’m looking for training resources regarding going live, in particular i would like to know:
How to set up a free account
How to sign up people on paid account (I understand the payment, more about the app structure itself)
How to give a trial on the paid account
Privacy settings
How to limit features on the app (i.e. free can only create 1 project, only one person…)

Any directions and tips are greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hey @eldados,

Congrats on almost finishing your app. That’s awesome. Here are a few tips:

A lot of the things you mention in your post can be handled simply by adding a few user fields that you’d use to keep track of the type of plan your user is on and/or when they started a free trial.
Let’s imagine that in your db, the User type has a field called “Plan”. “Plan” is of the type text, and by default it is set to “free”.
When a user pays you for your product, you could change that user’s “Plan” to “paid” in the workflow where you’re dealing with payment.

Let’s also imagine that in your db, the User type has a field called “Free trial end date” that is of the type “date”. If you’re giving users a 7 day free trial that begins when they sign up for the first time, you could set this “free trial end date” each time you sign a user up. The free trial end date would be “current date and time + 7 days” in this example.

Once you have these fields in place, you can restrict access to whatever you want on your app. If you wanted to have a certain page on your app (or a blog post, or any feature) to only be available to people who are on a paid plan, you could set conditions that prevent users whose “Plan” is “free” from viewing that page. Or, if you wanted users who have either paid or who are on a free trial to be able to access that page, you could set conditions where the user is okay to view the page if “Free trial end date” > current date and time OR current user’s “Plan” is “paid”.

To use your example about creating only 1 project on a free trial – assuming each user has a field that is a list of “projects” – you could have a special workflow (like a popup urging the user to sign up for a paid account) that is triggered when a user has already created the maximum number of projects on a free trial and attempts to create a new project. The condition would be something like "when current user’s list of projects:count =1 AND current user’s plan is free.

Privacy rules will prevent people from seeing data that they shouldn’t see (and you should definitely set some privacy rules for your app), but they’re not for handling restricted access for free trial members or any of the things you’re talking about here.
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


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