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How to build approval type functionality in

Hi, bubblers

I am building a platform where users can post products but I don’t want those products to be submitted immediately to the platform after the users submit them. Instead, I would want to review it before it goes live or is submitted on the platform if it fits our criteria.

So, I can build this type of functionality in So, that we will be able to first review it, and then if it fits then it got submitted on the platform otherwise denied.

Below is a screenshot…

Best regards
Priyanshu goyal

Absolutely! I am working on a foster care connection website, and we are verifying user’s accounts before they have access.

It’s very simple to do. Just create a new field called “Approved” - Yes/No Field. Default is no. Then, in your admin dashboard create a way to see all products where approved = no, and be able to change that to yes, delete it, or whatever else you’d like.

On your page where you want to display the products, simply search where approved = yes.

Good luck and happy bubbling!

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Hi there, @Priyanshu-Goyal… building on @draked123’s suggestion, you might want to consider having a Reviewed field (yes/no) in addition to the Approved field. If you only have the latter, you don’t have a way to tell the difference between a project that has been reviewed and denied (assuming you are keeping those projects around maybe for the purpose of giving the submitter some feedback as to why the project was denied) and a project that has not yet been reviewed. Anyway, just food for thought.



Yes! I got it both fields are required. Thanks man.

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Thanks Draked for your solution.

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