Plugin Building - Tips, Tricks, Walkthrough?

Is anyone interested in collaborating on a simple walkthrough for plugin building? It might help encourage others to learn javascript, or provide a jumpstart to developers that are interested in building. Either way, I’m sure it would boost the plugin marketplace if there were at least one walkthrough floating around the Bubble forums.

  1. A list of basics/foundation knowledge (javascript, css, html, etc.)
  2. Bubble Plugin Editor Overview (walkthrough of each screen + section)
  3. Example project (possibly taking a simple GitHub project and implementing it into Bubble)



I haven’t understood how to build plugins myself, really, so I can’t help on this, but I’d definitely be a customer! Think it’d be a great addition to the community.

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Great! I have to admit - I am foreign to Bubble plugin building myself. If we see an interest here from other community members, I’m sure folks will contribute bits and pieces of knowledge. I’ll turn the OP into a wiki and update as we move forward - hopefully, moving toward a sample project.

Obviously, there are people who make money off of selling Bubble plugins, which I know we all respect (aspire to, etc.). This thread would ideally help serve as a baseline for anyone interested in building for fun, profit, or for their own purposes.

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Same here! But my bottleneck will definitely be the lack of js knowledge and that os a pretty crucial part of buildong a plugin.

Each plugin requires something different so I guess it will be tough but count me in for sure. Gotta start somewhere after all.

However this means I’m also not of much use setting this up I’m afraid. But if there is anything I can do just let me know.

I will try and publish a few of these as I get the time, This will give you an idea into some simple actions that leverage the browser’s own API.

Here is the text I came across that made me want to put this together, You will be able to see how properties fit into a snippet from outside bubble anyway.



I can’t contribute, but I can certainly “subscribe” / “consume”. I mean, you’ll need consumers to provide feedback right? That’s me! Good luck team, looking forward to getting a better understanding.

After trying and using some other RAD platforms (some of them went downhill…) I decided for Bubble, which is quite usable and promising. For sure will go for plugins development in next months - so I like the idea pretty much, also to boost the marketplace, as you said.