How to build round robin at api backend

HELLO BOOBLERS, how to build a round robin in the backend workflow? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA?

So I have many questions about recursive code steps in backend workflow, but I dont understand which are the trigger parameters used in my BackEnd Workflow. I dont know what to do, Do I try to resolve my problem or my dificulty referent to the logical, I need build all process in the backend.

P.S I am developer of code in js, PHP and others languages, but I don’t understand how to use rule loopings or what are the necessary steps to build a distribution sequential workflow and equality of tasks for my employements

It is just a “Do While”…

Schedule an API Workflow.

Then, as the final step, schedule the SAME API Workflow as long as your “While” is true.

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Hello man, thank for your time, ok, I understand your explain, but i need a more thing about how to build looping in bubble, i dont find manual or posts about loopings in back end.
Only somenthings about backend but not about how to build loop or something similar repeting loop


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