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API Workflows generating inconsistent results

Dear fellow Bubblers,

we are building an app for tournament management of gaming events. Over the course of building I found an issue, I perceive as harsh: API worflows in loops are delivering inconsistent results.

What do I mean by that?
E.g. we have a round-robin algorithm scheduling our round-robin (obviously). To generate matches, chats etc., this is in total almost 10 different API Workflows with each having 6-10 substeps. However, even though this sound as much, it is not and DB entries generated are countable (depending on the size of the round-robin, however anyways less than a hundred).

However, it gets tricky. After debugging it for quite some time, I realized that these workflows are giving random results in different entities - even though this is the exact same workflow (!), just looped through.

I know indeed that is advised to outsource big data manipulation out of bubble and passing it back to the app, however I do not think that this is “big data manipulation”, as we are less than a hundred. Adding pauses (e.g. 5 seconds) between different workflows made it better, but it is still not consistent. Thus, is this a known issue?

To clarify: After many hours of debugging, this is no fault of my logic - this works flawlessly and it was tested with different samples. I can cross out faulty logic.


The first thing is to make sure you understand everything under Execution Rules on this page of the Bubble manual.