How to Call an API?

I have installed the API Plugin and have created two separate 3rd party APIs and I have determined which returned fields I want to save. One API does a GET request to one endpoint URL and another that does a POST to a completely different API endpoint from another 3rd part web API. I have them working fine in the API plugin setup screen.

  1. How/Where can I “call” them by using a button on the page?
  2. How do I iterate through the returned JSON which contains a different size array
  3. How do I save the data to the database?

Sorry for my ignorance but most of the docs and examples/youtube show only one record returned per API call. I have read that Bubble doesn’t support nested JSON array but also think I saw somewhere which said this has been fixed. Any suggesteions are much appreciated.

Technically, a GET should be used in a RG source most of the time if this is an array (you set this in Data source using Get Data From API)
a POST is used in action to send data to the API Endpoint. You need to be sure that the API Call is API connector is set to Action.

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What is a “RG source”? I didn’t see that when setting up the API?

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