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How to call plugin's API without make changes at web app side

I want to make an API call(server side, not client side) from initialize or update function(using custom code) of my plugin’s element.

I have implemented this custom code(2023-02-02_09-43-16) into initialize and update function one by one(for testing purpose).
But I got error like this 2023-02-02_09-48-46

I don’t want user to set workflow to use my plugin, that is why I want this kind of custom code to call api from plugin on my plugin element load or click.

Please guide if anyone has a solution for this.

There’s no way to generate a server side call without action.
Question is which API are you calling that you are not able to use API connector?

It is REST API with simple GET and POST method.
In plugin’s API tab, if “use as” property set to action then can I call that API from plugin? Means a way to call API, that should not require a client to set action to be call in web app edit mode.

Review of plugins functions:
A) Element: If you use initialize or update, no action requiered from the user but Element on the page
B) If you use Actions in element, user need to create an action + add element to the page
C) If you don’t use element, and use the Actions section: Action are requiered.
D) If you use the API section, Use as = Action will be action while as Data will be used with Get data from API in data source.
If you need auth for the API, you should use SERVER side action or API Connector.
If this work with API Connector, you should use API Connector.
Finally, in most case: GET requests should be a “DATA call” while POST,PUT,DELETE,PATCH should be Actions (because this is what they are!). POST may sometimes be a DATA request (like a search for example).