How to Cancel a Scheduled Custom Event

Hello everyone.
I’m looking for the “Cancel a scheduled custom event” action but it appears there isn’t anything that looks like it in the Custom Events list. And that is strange because there is the set
Schedule API Workflow / Cancel a scheduled API Workflow

Basically I made a workflow using Schedule a custom event by specifying a delay to get my “custom event” triggered after an hour (3600 seconds).

What I’m trying to achieve here is to provide the ability to my users to set their status as not available for a certain amount of time (and change it later as they wish before it counts-down). And for that, using Scheduled a custom event is perfect, since it’s running on the server side, I know I’ll have this workflow running in any circumstances.

Now let’s say a user has set his status to be unavailable for 1 hour. Then 10 min later, he decides to change it to 2 hours. How to cancel the first scheduled event before I schedule the 2nd one, since there’s no way to “change” a Scheduled event once you ran it?

Thank you

Hey there,

Actually, custom events here are still run on the client side, so if a user closes the page, it won’t run. Scheduling custom events here are better suited for short-term processes. I think what you’re after is an API Workflow, which is a server-side process.

It looks like you’re wanting to hide something on the page based on the user’s “status” field. What I’d do instead is have a visibility condition on the element based on the value of the status field.

Whenever the user clicks the button to set his clock, you’ll “Schedule an API Workflow” for that time. That API Workflow will then change the user’s status value (remember to pass the User to the API endpoint through a parameter so it knows which user to update). With the value being updated there, the element will in turn hide.

The action after “Schedule an API Workflow” can save the ID for this scheduled workflow. For example, make a change to current user: Scheduled ID = result of step 1.

That way, if they need to cancel it or change it, you can “cancel API Workflow” and reference the saved ID.

Try that out.

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Many thanks @romanmg!
I was obviously taking a misdirection by using a scheduled custom event at the first point… Can’t tell how much time I might have wasted without this information. God bless you. I’ll try that out and get back here when I’m done.

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