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Scheduling an API Workflow from a Custom Event doesn't seem to work, any Ideas?

Hi All,

I’m trying to schedule an API Workflow as an action from within a Custom Event (I’m on the API Workflows page).

Basically It doesn’t schedule the API workflow at all and nothing happens.

If I schedule the exact same API Workflow from another page, say by clicking a button, then everything works as you’d expect. The only difference is where i’m scheduling the workflow from.

Has anyone tried this, is it a bug?

*Just to add - I tried this in a blank project -
I don’t even have the option of triggering the API as action from the custom event. But gain I do on the Index page using the button. I’m confused.

My assumption for this is because API Workflows expect data of some kind, and a custom event itself doesn’t “hold” any data to begin with and wouldn’t have anything to send or reference. The API Workflow “page” isn’t actually a page in your app so there’s nothing to reference. You have to send data to the workflows.

Notice that if you add a custom event to any page that does exist, you’ll then be able to schedule an API workflow from the custom event there. What are you trying to achieve that you’re wanting to do this?

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Thanks for the help, you might be right but API Workflows don’t always need data do they?

From the index page on that test site I linked to I was able to schedule an API, like you said, without passing any data.

This is what I’m trying to achieve
In my live app I sell a mix of physical and digital products. I have an API Endpoint that receives a payment confirmation from Zapier. This triggers one of 2 Custom Events for dealing with physical orders that need to be shipped or digital orders that can be emailed to the customer. It’s from these Custom Events that I then need to schedule a workflow 2 days after the purchase, and this is where the problem lies.

In the above scenario I am trying to pass data from the API Endpoint to the Custom Event and then to the Scheduled API Workflow.

You could have the original API Endpoint’s workflow trigger both responses. The responses being 2 additional workflows, where they each only run if conditions are met. So Zapier webhook is received > trigger API workflows A & B

A will only run if the webhook says the order was for a digital product. B will only run if for a physical product.

Yeah that’ll work, seems like the custom events only work at the page level. Thanks.