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[New Feature] action: Schedule a custom event

Hi all – we just added a new action, “Schedule a custom event”. It works like “Trigger a custom event” except that instead of running the custom event as part of the current workflow, it runs it as a seperate workflow after a delay that you set. More information in the reference: I anticipate it being useful for things like animations, etc.



Could we have some examples please??

for instance it’s good for “Undo message”. The user clicks once :

  • the action is delayed of some seconds
  • for the user, make believe on the UI action is already done (like removing an item from a list forinstance)
    User can still cancel the action if he did a mistake.

Sign Up pop-ups after the user has been on the page a while.

Make your Call To Action do something after a pause, to prompt the user.


That’s great, Josh! Thanks a lot!

What am I missing about this ?

I have set some custom workflows up to show and hide elements (text) … and it doesn’t work.

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While useful, you can only use this while on the current page.

Ideas for use that I can think of:

  • Create a quiz app that only gives you X amount of time to answer the questions before going to the next set of questions.
  • Auto save? (I really like how Bubble does this for you and curious how they implement it. Wondering if this is the type of thing they do or if it’s more action based, than time based)
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Where is this located?

In the custom events section of the Action Menu.

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Hey, sorry for the confusion – there was a bug that was causing the workflows not to run if the custom workflow doesn’t take a workflow thing. (Ie, so if you were passing a thing to it, it should have been working, but if not, it wouldn’t be.) I’m deploying a fix to this now; it should be live in the next hour or so.

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Thanks @josh That is working fine now.

I want to know if scheduling custom events can be used for a particular scenario I am trying to address.

I’m trying to have a user A accept an offer from another user B; however I want to include a timer so that if user B does not commit to user A’s acceptance, user A is free to accept an offer from another user (user C).

Hope this makes sense and how best can I go about it?

Hi @tomi.adegbenro, could you add this question in a new thread and be sure to include a link to your app editor? This way, people can jump into your “code” and help out.

Or, if you don’t want your app public, just copy a portion of it into the public forum and link to that editor. Feel free to include my name in the post (using @) so that I’m notified and I’ll check it out and do what I can to help.