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How to capture the url of the previous page?

Hi all,

I’m recreating one of my onboarding workflows. Before the page where the user would create a new thing was called add_project. Instead of hacking that page to bits, I started from scratch with a page called teach.

I’ve tried to find all links to add_project and get them updated to project.

Because I can’t seem to find a good way to replace add_project with teach (like the “make home page” tool) I thought I’d add a workflow to the old page that sends me an email address when someone hits it with the referring link, and then redirect the user to the new page.

Is there a way to add this link to an email?

Also, is there a better way to replace a page without creating a bunch of dead links?


You could rename the new page to the old page and delete the old page?

Or you could send the user to the new page once the page loads in a workflow. Not sure I understand what you mean by sending you an email address when someone lands on that page. Using a tool like Mixpanel or Google Analytics allows you to track referral traffic but not sure if that is what you need in this case.

I was thinking of renaming the new page and deleting the old page but I didn’t know if all the calls within my bubble workflows would update properly.

I could use Analytics to look for any pointers to the old page… just thought I’d fire off an email right away to myself so I could quickly update.

what do you want to update?

if the old page is dead, then there shouldn’t be an issue with deleting it. unless parts are still used somewhere else, which kind of means its still somewhat alive :stuck_out_tongue:

It was one of my workhorse pages in terms of getting a user set up on my site. So I point to it from everywhere… on my site, within workflows, from email campaigns, facebook/twitter, etc.

Just want to be sure such an important page redirects and I catch all outdated links.

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