How to change sidebar

Hey guys. I want to change the texts that are on the sidebar. Everytime I change something there it just changes the menu for the pc version, but not for the mobile one, why? Can someone please explain why and how to fix. Thanks

You must have a different sidebar for Mobile and larger devices…

How can I do this? Thanks for the answer

Do what?

a diffrent sidebar.

what do you mean?
how many sidebars do you have?
What are you trying to do?

I have a tamplet, on wich the menu at the top is englisch. My website is supposed to be German. So I want to change e.g. Pricing → Preis. But when I change it, it only changes on the desktop version.

Well, as I already said, it sounds as though you have two different sidebars - one for mobile and one for larger devices (although, that might not be the case - you might just have different text elements, or conditional texts). Without seeing your app it’s impossible to know.

but you need to make sure you’re changing both sidebars (or both texts) depending on how your app is currently built.

Or, just use the same sidebar (or texts) for all devices (or remove any conditions that might be affecting the text).

You’ll need to figure out exactly how the template you’re using has been built first (or refer to the template documentation, or contact the template builder), before you can establish which parts need to be changed.

ok thanks for the tips. I will try to fix it. (:smile:

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