How to change the text of a repeating group element when it does not fulfill the constraints

I have a repeating group with a list of events and the following constraint.

Start Time < Current Time
End Time > Current Time

When this condition is not fulfilled (When its not between the start and end time), I want the text element in the repeating group to show “No event currently running”.

:thinking: Good question.

You can have a text element on the page that says Repeating group first item is empty, then you can show your message. Does that help? :blush:

It doesn’t seem to work, the elements inside of the repeating group are not showing at all if there isn’t a value being displayed in the repeating group.

Hey @omer3012345 :wave:

The message needs to be outside of the repeating group for it to show. Otherwise it won’t show. :blush:

That worked, thank you! Just one more thing. Is there a way to make this change appear in real-time rather than page refresh?

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It should work in real time. Hmm :thinking: Maybe you can show a video of what is happening?