How to change the word in the block of text or how to generate the text file?

Hi guys! I’m looking for a solution to replace some words in the block of text. Or how to generate the text file from different multiline input fields?
initial text is the contract’s template with “placeholders” in the places of the company’s name and address, then the user will insert the name and address of his company (multiline text input). The “placeholders” should be replaced with the provided text. The user can download the newly generated text file.

Bubble input elements have a field on them called “Placeholder” which will allow you to have the placeholder functionality you’re looking for.

Generate the text file in a small invisible element “Multiline input 1’s value Multiline input 2’s value” etc.

Thanks for the suggestion. I did exactly that: Generated two pieces of text through “multiline input 1” and “multiline input 2”, saved them in the database as a two “fields” of the same “type”. How can I generate one text file from them to download it?

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