How to change thing in data base after seven days

Hello. My app should have a logic for after seven days one of thing in the data base should change value to default value “No”. How I can do this? Thanks

Hi there, @bluesun440… when the thing is initially created, schedule a backend workflow to run at the current date/time plus seven days, and have the backend workflow change the appropriate field from yes to no.


Thanks for the answer. I’m trying to do as you said, but the construction needs to continue. And this is repeated ad infinitum) He asks to end it with a yes or no condition. What am I doing wrong?

You don’t do the scheduling in a condition on that step. You will schedule the backend workflow to run as part of the workflow that creates the thing in the first place, and the schedule will be the current date/time plus seven days.

Thank you! It’s work!

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