How to change "type of content" with a link


I’m new with Bubble, I did all the lessons but I don’t understand everything yet. I try to build a platform with places and messages, you can have a look here :

My data base is built like this :

Places :

  • Name
  • Email

Messages :

  • Date
  • Duration
  • URL
  • Place

I don’t understand how I can have a link in my repeating group to the place_detail because I change of type of content : Places to Messages.

If I change the content type, It no longer works with the other pages.
I fear that I created my database incorrectly.

Could you help me please ?

I’m very sorry for my bad english !
Thank you very much,


Hey @nicolas6,

Welcome to Bubble! You have to make the page you’re sending data to is the same type of data you’re trying to send.

So you’d have to change the type of data on the page “lieu_detail” as “Lieux”

Hey @johnny, thank you for your answer.

I understood that but I have an other page with an other type of content which leads to this same page. So if I change the type of content on this page, my other page doesn’t work.

Concretely :


  • Here,“type of content=Lieux”
  • When I clic on “Popup!”, I want to go to my place details’ page (the same as above with the list of messages) but it can’t because the type of content is different.

The two pages with differents type of content have to go to the same page.
Is my explanation clearer?

Thank you,

Good evening,

Does anyone know how to help me please ?
Do you need more infos to unterstand my problem?

Thank you very much