How to send different content type data to the same page

I am creating a messaging mobile app on Bubble and I am building all pages on the one page (home page) but in different groups in which I have different data types, in this case (data type ‘account & chat’). I have changed the page url parameters to be visible and hidden depending on which page is selected.
The problem I am having is when it comes to navigating and sending data from one page to another in the workflow, [Go to page > Destination: Home > Data to Send: Search for chats} I then get an error message stating; “Home’s content is account, the data you’re sending now is type chat” with an option stating “Click to change home’s content to type chat”.
The data needs to be chat in order to process messages and the Home type of content has to be account in order for other pages to work. In this case what can I do?

Use multiple URL parameters and not any content type for the page.

So this might be what a URL will look like[conversation unique id]&m=[message unique id]

p would affect which “page” is visible
c being the conversation shown on screen
m being the specific message the chat is scrolled to (may or may not need this one)

Thanks for your response, I appreciate it.
I have used multiple parameters initially and that has worked for other pages. I have just tried to change the content type of the page from ‘account’ to blank (clear selection) and I just got over 200 bug issues. Is there any other way around this?

Yes because you have 200+ expressions pointed to the Current page’s Account, you might have to leave that alone and just use URL parameters for everything else unless you want to reconstruct everything to a URL parameter for the Account.

I’ve got it now, finally got it to work. Thank you so much for your help Tyler, I appreciate it.

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