How to change uploaded file name

I am using the multi-file uploader from bubble to allow users to upload multi images at once.

What I want to be able to do for SEO purposes ( not sure what kind of impact it would have overall ) is to change the file name from what the user would have saved on their device.

So if a user has uploaded an image with a file name of img123456789.jpg

I could after they upload change the file name to product_XYZ.jpg

This way I suspect I might get a bit of benefit for SEO purposes beyond the alt text

Any ideas how to do it? I assume it might have something to do with changing the URL of image file.

Hi @boston85719

First of all, I don’t think that can be done. Does it affect SEO ? and the answer is yes.

As far as I know from your other posts, you are familiar with this SEO work. Yes, it affects even the smallest detail, and the things you need to pay attention to for SEO things are too much, and the file name takes up very little space among these other considerations.

For example: if “alt text” and “caption” give 5 points for SEO, the file name gives 1 point (I give the figures for example only, please do not accept precise information)

I don’t know what size of competition the industry is dealing with, if this is a virgin area, there is nothing as important as the classic H tags and content to be loved by the user (even the competitor size will be ineffective, the content to be liked by the user/visitor is the most important)

In this article, Google touches on visuals and talks about the point you are concerned about. Even your file paths must be readable by the user.

When you read the article, you’ll see, they just mentioned twice but If you don’t have big competitors in the market you’re trying to be a leader in, this is a small detail.

If it is the opposite and your competitors are doing the right thing on behalf of SEO, then this and many small details like this will be important.

And if this is so important, it will be the fastest way to contact the Bubble team and indicate your request.

I hope you can get what you want.

Thanks for the the input. I will have a read through the article you linked. I am not sure if there is a plugin that could do this. I find it a bit difficult to search for plugins but will give it a go.

In my case I do think that all the small details will count. I am hoping to take product information from the product SKU to use as the basis of the file name, which would match up with the alt_text.

I don’t know one to change file names. There is a plugin that can change URLs, it has a wide range of usage, maybe @sudsy can help you with a workaround

You can create an API endpoint that will re-upload a file. So, you can set your name.

This API endpoint you need to trigger within the API connector.


There is a plugin that does this

This plugin seems like it has the ability to rename the file and also recognize file size and other attributes to files.

I’m not so sure, as image files, by default, aren’t referenced directly by their upload URL. Instead, that “master file” (which resides in on Bubble’s Amazon storage) is run through Imgix to create a context-optimized variant. That behavior can be bypassed with a query string parameter (which I don’t recall off the top my head), but I don’t think I’d want to for most images, as it’s a really nice (but little known and under-appreciated) feature of the Bubble platform.

EDIT: Having said that, I don’t think the file name itself is changed, so your approach may still be valid.

Where did you find that information? I have searched the manual and reference but can’t find it using the search function. Could you share the link? The URL on the reference and manual provide the location of scroll on page so can go to a section easily with the URL



Never mind I found it

Follow the link to another post where I discuss the use of croppie plugin to achieve two of my goals for uploading images.

  1. Setting a file name
  2. Limiting the file size uploaded prior to upload

Here is link to the “showcase” thread for the plugin…and it is free