How to change URL with Filter

I am trying to get the URL to change as I filter restaurants using the filter (see screenshot). Any idea on how I get this to happen? I want to get unique URLs for SEO purposes. How I want it to function is when you press for example “Barbque” the URL updates to /restaurant_search/barbque

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one way to do this is by passing data to a page.
So for example, if someone clicks on ‘breakfast’, your workflow can navigate to the same page and send the breakfast category thing as data to the page.

For this, you have to make sure that your page as ‘type of data’ set to ‘category’ (the data type of categories like breakfast, barbeque, etc)

Then make sure that these category items have their ‘slug’ value set to the thing you want to appear in the url.
So if you want it to be ‘…/restaurant_search/barbeque_places’, ‘barbeque_places’ should be in the slug of the ‘barbeque’ category item.

This should do it. Let me know if you get stuck with this.

Ranjit | Blur Apps

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Is there any possibility you can help me with this?