How to charge one-off payment from a customer?

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  1. Can you suggest the process to get a one-off payment from a customer and NOT a recurring subscription using Stripes and the Stripes Plugin ? When I create a product is forcing me to create a subscription / plan for it and I just want to charge once.

  2. Is there a better tool than Stripes to achieve this ? To recieve one-off payment for the Software they buy using a Credit Card (and PayPal if possible).


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Will try and help out with a short but sweet answer.

  1. Yes one-off payment is simple enough. I would recommend sticking to Stripe as it makes the process of secure payment, integrating into Bubble simple enough. For the process of payment, its a workflow on the payment element (under Payment tab) e.g. applied to a button or icon to start workflow

Then enter the details and link with the elements

So the current users email will need to be captured prior to payment.
The amount will be the total of the basket or item. This shouldn’t be created as a subscription on Stripe. I am not familiar with Stripe products, but I would say keep the products database on the Bubble app.
For the description this can be dynamic like the items label.
The button caption can probably be left, as it will say Pay x (x = transaction value)
Obviously make sure the API’s are in place, both for the dev and live.

After this workflow step, you can then save the data or show an alert or trigger an email, so many useful things…

  1. Sorry I haven’t really touched the PayPal plugin, but I imagine it works similarly to the Stripe plugin. I would recommend sticking with Stripe, as it seems to be the most commonly used payment transactor in the Bubble market.

Hope this somewhat helps shed some light.