How to check double password field

I’m new to bubble but not new to these kinds of tools.
I’ve watched a fair bit it video’s which have already been very helpful.

Now I still have a NOOB question: When you create an account and you have pwd field and the 2nd pwd field, how / when / where do you check for there to be the same?

Do you do this in a workflow? If so, when that fails is there a way to catch it so I can show a DIV with an error message?

A link to a similar post is also appreciated,… search didn’t come back with any.

You can also add conditional statement on the sign up button (when input PW1 value doesn’t equal input PW2 value ) = this element isn’t clickable.



That was what I was playing with,… but your way in doing it in the workflow seems to be made for it :wink:
Thank you!