How to check if an email already exists, without removing the user email privacy rule?


Any body knows a way to provide a logged out user with an “email already exists” message before they click on the sign up button?
Ignore the wrong email address:


Note: User email is protected by privacy rule to logged out users.


I have a different use case, but same concept applies I reckon.

I’m not at my desk at the moment but if I remember correctly, it has to do with the default permission restricting view of any field, but allowing searches. Therefore I have a conditional which does a search for Users with the email address matching the input and if the count is 1, then show them the message.

My hot take is that if you allow searches as a default permission, then it can fetch unique ids, and therefore will be able to tell you what the count is - without you having to risk any other information about the user record?

Maybe give that a go?

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Another option (I have no idea the delay/performance of this) is setup an API call (with the API connector) to one of your own app’s backend workflows, and have that run the check with “Ignore privacy” enabled, then Use the “Return data to API” action to return to the client a count of search results (constraint email = the email your sent the API), then do whatever you want with count is 0 or count > 0

I guess you would have to call this API every time your input’s value changes, again no idea if this would be terrible for performance or not…

Maybe have a condition on the workflow to only run when that the input's value is valid.


Hey @tylerboodman @juicebox, thanks for replying! Both options seem interesting, I hadn’t thought about them before. I’ll try and see what’s best. :+1: