Email Check & validation on sigunup

Hi Folks

I have a typical signup form and would like to check if the email exists. I have looked at some other similar questions, but none solve my issue.

I have a set up that shows when an email is invalid (this works perfectly)

I would like a similar test message to appear when the email already exists, but cannot see where I am going wrong. The workflow is

Someone previously mentioned that this approach may not be possible, but not sure why.

Hi there, @sebastianvangreunen… a few things here… first, it is likely that the default privacy rule on the User data type is stopping what you are showing from working. Second, Bubble automatically checks to see if an email address is already in use in your system, so you don’t necessarily have to do that check. Finally, if you want to do the check so you can show your own error message, you can either modify your privacy rules to allow the check to happen or you can set up a workflow that catches Bubble’s duplicate email error and then show a custom message (you can search the forum for more info on how to do the latter).

Hope this helps.


Thanks Mike, removing the privacy does the trick, but unsure as to how to set up a rule to allow the check? Could you please give some guidance.
I am aware of the built in function, but prefer the UX of checking earlier, just think it is cleaner.
Screenshot 2022-11-21 125923

You’ll need to allow anyone, including non-logged in users, to ‘find this in searches’ (you’ll still want to keep personal data hidden though, so don’t check the ‘view all fields’ box for ‘everyone else’)…

Yup, like Adam said, if you put the rule back the way it was (or set up a different rule that better aligns with the needs of your app) and then check Find this in searches under Everyone else, you should get the desired result.