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How to collapse empty fields and most up data on page

I have some fields i display on a listing page.
But sometimes the optional fields are empty, and this leave my listing page looking funny with data missing.

I could easily hide those fields, but that would leave gaps on the page
How can i collapse the empty fields, and move all other data UP when the field is empty?

Just put the field in a group and set a condition to hide the group when field is empty.
“By default, hiding an element leaves a blank space on the page, exposing whatever is underneath it. When you select this option, however, the elements below the hidden element are pulled upward to fill the space.”

Is this the only method ?
As I have about 30 fields on the page.

Do I need to put every field Into a group ?

Try some experimentation, and dive into the reference documentation and related forum posts. Conceptually, yes–you’ll need to use collapsing groups to dynamically adjust the positioning of other groups and elements on the page. Simply hiding an element doesn’t eliminate the space it consumes in your layout.

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