How to concatenate a random number and a thing value to ADD to a list

What I am trying to do should be pretty straight forward. I have a data thing called ‘Killslist’ and it is a number field type and it is a list. In my action, I want to Make Changes to a Thing and update ‘killslist’ to add a value in the list. Specifically, I would imagine it would look like this: killslist add [randomnumber]&[CurrentUsersZipCode.
I am unable to add multiple dynamic fields or even static fields in the [list] add functionality…
You will see in the screenshot that I have successfully created the update to add a random number to the list but I want to add another property to be appended to this random number which would be Current User’s Zip.
This is something that I have done many times but never when adding to a list-type thing.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hey Keri, I may be missing s/t but once it’s a number you can’t append another number; you can add to it but that prob wouldn’t get the result you’re looking for.

What a beautiful response! Thank you! I’m like, duh… A complete maladaptive brain activity issue (aka brain fart).

Thanks again!

No problem. If you still want that concept you can multiply the random string x 100k + zip formatted as #.