How to connect bubble to a channel manager to synchronize the data of our providers?

Hello the bubble community !

I would like to install several plugin from bubble to some well known channel managers such as BookingSync, Bookeo or Regiondo to connect the data of our providers (rental apartments owners, providers of leisure activities…) but I did not find any plugin for that.

Can someone help me on this topic please ?


I don’t know how to do it, but it would be through an API.

Apparently, bubble makes connecting to 3rd party databases easy through APIs. The thing you would need to do to begin with is find out if the channel managers have APIs set up you would be able to connect to.

There would be documentation on the channel manager regarding how to connect through their API. Then you’d need to set up that connection in Bubble in the API section.

If you’d need to, you could post for a freelancer to set up the API connection for you or try to go it on your own.

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Thanks a lot for all this information !
Indeed, Bubble responded to me in the meantime and it seems to confirm what you are telling me. I’ll copy paste their answer for the community :slight_smile:

Bubble’s answer :
Thanks very much for reaching out! You can use our API Connector plugin, which lets you connect to any service that exposes a JSON-based, RESTful web API, to set up integrations with the third-party services that you need. You can use this to add API calls to fetch data from an external service, or post data to trigger some actions on the service’s end.

Do let us know if that helps or if you have any further questions!