Is building PMS like Guesty, Lodgify or Hostfully possible?

Hi All,
Just trying to understand if building software that allows people to manage vacation rentals across different booking platforms is possible in bubble? I.e can I get users to login to their airbnb account via their dashboard and import their listings etc?

Have searched a ton and contacted a few bubble dev companies but not got a clear answer yet.
Any insight would be awesome.
Thanks in advance

Is it possible to build property management software in Bubble? Yes.

Is it possible to integrate with different channels like Airbnb, Yes, you will likely need to create private plugins to handle the integrations with these channels. Will things get complicated? Likely. You’ll need to get API access to these channels and spend your time trawling through their API documentation.

Do you mean users would log into Airbnb and try import their listings that they have loaded in your app?

You could but it’s quite difficult and you will have to build quite a few of your own plugins to do so (e.g., how will you parse ICS files, how will you generate them, how will you handle date range picking, etc.) and you will have many issues dealing with external APIs (some of which you will be hard-pressed to get access to – e.g., Airbnb).

Such a project is not a single-developer project and is easier accomplished on other platforms.

Some of these problems are, in part, solved by commercial Bubble plugins (e.g., Calendar Grid Pro is a great solution for date range picking, but it doesn’t have a multi-property view and I’m unlikely to add that).

So I’d pick a different problem to tackle with Bubble.

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