How to connect domain to bubble?

these are all the options my domain registrar gives me, not really sure what to fill in exactly with what bubble gives me.

Hi nach,

Firstly you will have to upgrade you hobby ( free plan ) to personal ( paid plan ) on to easily able to connect your custom domain with your bubble web app.

Secondly, there is a complete step by step section avaliable in bubble’s manual. Link to the article: Domain & DNS - Bubble Docs.

Everything is explained very clearly.
Hope this helps

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Priyanshu goyal
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i just don’t know how exactly to do these steps with the options my domain registrar gives me.

Who is domain name registrar? Godaddy or namcheap, etc , i posted pictures of the options it shows me.

Contact your domain registrar support. They will definitely help you. I am not familiar with this dns much. First time heard of it.

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