How to connect my project name and test to all inputs in second page?


I have one question. On my app’s first page, I create a project with the project name and project test name. by clicking on this it goes to another page and it receives 24 inputs as parameters. I need to connect these parameters to a project name and test. could you help me how?

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You could make the 2nd page’s data type “project” and when you go to that page you could send the project. Then make the inputs’ default value be the page’s project.

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Hi, very much appreciated. this is my first page:
I have a list of projects: model name and test name.

Then after this the user goes to this page:

but they are not connected. I mean the project and the parameters are not connected.

you mean this: (I am very beginner in

I didn’t mean sending parameters through the URL although you can certainly do that as an alternative. I meant that you can set the “type of content” for the page itself to your data type “project”. Then, when you navigate to that 2nd page in the “data to send” you can send the project you created on the first page.

you mean here?

Yes, that’s it. Now, on the previous page when you take the action to navigate to this 2nd page then send the project you created.

Thanks again but it is not working.

You need to add “:first result” at the end of your search for projects so that it sends just one project instead of a list of projects. Or you could select it some other way, such as “result of step [x]” if it’s part of the same workflow, for example.

The error checker is literally telling you word-for-word what needs to be fixed. Right now you’re sending a list instead of just one thing.