Linking pages | input results on different page

hey guys,

I am new to Bubble and wanted to work on a little project/app and find Bubble working amazingly. I’ve looked into some tutorials already but I wanted to ask some quick support on a question about responsiveness with a certain idea I am working on.

I believe its actually quite simple. On one page I want a potential customer to fill in their details in a simple input form which will be automatically transferred to another page which would only be accessible by the site’s admin. The details filled in INPUT tabs will be transferred to a simple text document or overview.

I basically know how to do this when you work on the same page but my question now is: is there a way to transfer input data from one page to another backend page?

Below I’ve attached a screenshot regarding my question. I would appreciate it if someone could pinpoint me to some tutorial or some sort where this can be explained.

Much appreciated, thank you!

Hi, do you want to do this without saving data to the database? I think the only way to access the data from those input fields would be to save the data to your data base and then access them on the other page.

If you do not want to keep the data, you can create a “Database Thing” for it and save the data, and then trigger a workflow to delete that “thing” when you no longer need it

Hey Adaptmainone,

I don’t think it should necessarily be saved, I will try out the database thing

thanks very much for the support!

Or pass them in parameters.