How to connect PayPal payments to database

  1. I’ve seen a great video that showed how to integrate paypal payments with braintree… but Isn’t there a way to use PayPal directly instead of Braintree?

I’m moving from wix to bubble, and do this in a round about way over there, so I’m brand new at this bubble thing! I’m wondering if I can continue adding to the payments already collected in my paypal account rather than starting new from scratch in Braintree.

  1. Also is there a way to connect successful payment amounts to be visible in bubbles database?

For instance, when a user (John Doe) fills out the form, selects which item they want to pay for from a drop down menu, they pay the corresponding fee (with card/ PayPal) so that in the back end database I can see: John Doe has successfully paid X for item A

Is there a way to do this? Also, please if anyone is able to helpfully and positively explain this as if you were talking your grandma. (I’ve seen some really mean arrogant comments in this forum!)

Your help is soooo appreciated!

Did you figure this out? I am selling credits on my App and this credits needs to be allocated immediately after a user have bought them. I also need the database to see whether the payment has gone trough? I am also working on paypal, braintree is not available in my country.