How to connecting types with each other in one field?

Hi guys, this Bubble is so fantastic, very helpful.

As I wrote the title, I want to know how to cooperate with data in other data types .

In detail, I’m making a platform app at my university. Students can make online events freely for the same university students. (For example, Study group, club solicitation)

For making this app, I’m planning to prepare “user registration function” and “Event creation function”, Data type “USER” is for former and data type “THEMA” is for the latter.
If the data field of faculty and department set as the target in “THEMA” matches the registered “USER” 's data field of faculty and department, I want to create a mechanism to be displayed on the site of each user.

I’m looking for a mechanism to check if the “Faculty” and “Department” values are the same in different data types, but couldn’t figure out how.

The data field of target_Faculty&Depatment is made in “THEMA” and “USER” checked by multiple dropdowns plugin.

If you have any questions please ask, thank you.

Does anyone have any advice, please? :tired_face: :tired_face:

Thank you.