Bubble Apps Data Type Compatibility (Through API Calls)

My goal is to retrieve THE SAME User data type from one app to another through API call.

  • I have my main app with a User table (by default as it’s the case for any bubble app) in my database.

  • And I have a 2nd app with also a User table.

I set up an API Endpoint to return ‘User’ data type in the 2nd app. And I was able to retrieve it from my main app through Bubble App Connector. That’s all cool except it’s not recognized as the same type of ‘User’ in both apps.
Why? Does anyone has an idea? Now I know I can retrieve this data as “2nd app user” and extract any of its containing fields (such as email for example) but that’s not what I want: in the main app I have a list of users and I’d like to add that “2nd app user” at the bottom of this list (and as you may have figured at this point, having 2 different incompatible data types, I can’t do that).

Of course, in both apps, I made sure that both user types are exactly the same: with the same type and number of fields but that doesn’t changed a thing.

Please help me understand here. Thank you.