How to convert a list of texts, to list of options?

Hi all. I’ve got a movie “thing” with a genre field that is currently a list of texts. As I progressed with my bubble education I learnt about option-sets and want to use this going forward.
How would I best go about converting a list of texts: “drama”, “action”, “comedy” → to being a list of option sets which have identical names.

One way I don’t want to do is to have a workflow go through each movie, and have 23 workflow events (one for each genre) and if the text of the current genre item# matches the text of the option set’s display, then add that genre, if not go to next workflow, and repeat with a different genre. Surely there’s a plugin or some more intuitive way to convert the text to my list of options.
The genres as text:image
Let me know what y’all think.

Run a backend workflow on the list of movies to make changes to a thing (i.e. the movie).

Set the new option set list field by getting the list of All The Options and filtering them to match the old ‘text’ values of the list entry (i.e. the Display of the new option set is the text value of the old list).

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Thanks so much @adamhholmes, I ended up creating a backend workflow which loops through all the films, and the :filter function was what I needed as well as pattern matching the text with the genre option set’s display rather than the actual option.

I thought “intersect” could also be another way of solving this issue but I couldn’t get it to work. Thanks for the help!

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Can you give more info on how you did this? I’m trying to replace a field with an option set, so have created a new field and now trying a backend workflow to add an option version of the entry for all existing records.

Can’t seem to work out how to get it to find the original text value then add it as the equivalent option value