Change field type from a text to an option set?

Hey bubblers,

I’ve already built quite an elaborate app before discovering that options sets can actually be used in defining the field types (instead of text). Is there any creative way to fix this without having to create a new field with the option set type and editing hundreds of references to the original text field?


Run a backend work flow on a list with conditions to update the new option set field to its equivalent text field.

There’s no way to change an already existing field to an option set.

I agree with @cmarchan’s solution. Create a new field type that is your new option set, and then run an API workflow that will go through every record and update the new option set field based on the older text field.

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Thanks to both of you. To clarify, I’m not worried about the data – it’s dev data and expendable. I’m more concerned for all of the places where the text field is currently referenced in the app – many places. Such that the effort doesn’t justify the benefit (I don’t see a huge benefit here with switching to option sets, unless I’m missing something?)

Option sets ensure that data input is consistent. If there is no risk of this happening in your app, then their use will not add value.

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got it. thanks!