How to convert a text to number?


I’m making a change to a thing, by extracting a decimal from the URL, and I must add it to the database as a number.

This url:extract with Regex:first item

This returns a text, what’s the way to store it as a number in the database?

I’m paying anyone able to show me how to do this.

But is it possible?

  • “referral_ambassadeur_impactons_tracking_id_unique” is a number in my database.
  • “This url:extract…” is a number, but extracted as a text.

use “Get Data from page Url”

There’s a plugin that can convert to different type

I’m getting the number from the anchor #foo42, which is not a parameter.

try hidden input type number

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Clever one, so having an hidden input --> “This url:extract with Regex…” and set the input as “number” ?

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yes! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, that is, unfortunately, a Bubble deficiency. You can upvote (like) this proposal, but @lstk.kb’s suggestion is the approach I’ve taken in the past.

this link doesn’t go to a page that is functioning


any ideas on an update URL?


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